Dialogue: The stolen mac

An dieser Stelle mal ein etwas älterer, fiktiver Dialog aus einer meiner ersten Klassenarbeiten:

The bully stole a mac from a younger pupil. The younger pupil took it back and the bully was annoyed. Here is the start of the dialogue between the two boys. Finish the dialoge in at least 100 words.

Bully: Give me my mac back!
Boy: It’s not your mac. You stole it from me.

Bully: It’s mine!
Boy: It’s not your mac. Look – here you can see my name on it.
Bully: You’ve written your name on my mac
Boy: Remember it’s mine.
Bully: Realize it. It’s my mac and you stole it from me.
Boy: That’s not true. You can be confident in me. Maybe you habe got a similar mac, but this mac is mine!
Bully: You’re getting on my nerves.
Boy: So what?
Bully: I count to three. Give me the mac. Now! Three…
Boy: Two…
Bully: You’re really getting on my nerves. I’m able to count till three. One…
Boy: Sure but I’m able to run away. Bye…

Mit einfachen Worten lassen sich einige Szenen erstaunlich gut beschreiben – auch wenn vermutlich die Wortwahl eines „native speakers“ ganz anders ausfallen würde.